Off Broadway Cafe

If you are the kind of dapper individual that sports a jaunty weekend hat or you are simply a rakish scoundrel that enjoys pointing and laughing at the latter then you will love the Off Broadway cafe. Mostly because it is the perfect haunt to either indulge in some esteem-building pointing or to show off … Continue reading

Bistrotheque, Wadeson St, Bethnal Green

Undetectable to the naked eye at a first glance down Wadeson St, new-skool, risque Cabaret bar and restaurant Bistrotheque is a delicious cave of eclectic cuisine and a perfect prerequisite to a goosey-gander around Vyner Street’s galleries particularly on a ‘1st Thursday’. The fortunate coincidence is that from Monday to Thursday, if you arrive before … Continue reading

Viajante at Town Hall

Situated in the imposing grandeur of Town Hall, Viajante is a mecca for food-lovers. Designed by award-winning architects, Rare, and featuring installations from fashion and lighting designers as well as some of the East End’s most brilliant young artists, the restaurant forms the perfect setting for an exquisite series of courses.Viajante creates perfectly balanced tasting … Continue reading